2019 Teams & Standings

2019 Team Standings (scroll down to see team rosters, this top section will be blank until the ride season begins and ride results are available.)

Team Standings

PlaceTeam NameTotal Points

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
Counting CoupLynn Atcheson (Captain)2/1/2019
Counting CoupTy Yazzie2/1/2019
Counting CoupJanet (Bobbi) Walker2/1/2019
Counting CoupKenny Nordin2/1/2019
Counting CoupKaren Vining2/1/2019
Counting CoupAlexis Berryman2/1/2019
Counting CoupEster (Polly) Behrends2/1/2019
Counting CoupJeffrey Tryens2/1/2019
Counting CoupDonna Lacy-Bacon2/1/2019

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
Honey BadgersKristen Grace (Captain)1/1/2019
Honey BadgersSharalyn Hay1/1/2019
Honey BadgersLucas Cramer1/1/2019
Honey BadgersLora Bannan1/1/2019
Honey BadgersSiiri Berg1/1/2019
Honey BadgersMarlene Moss1/1/2019
Honey BadgersIris Callfas1/1/2019
Honey BadgersCarlene Benson1/1/2019
Honey BadgersBecky Osborne1/1/2019
Honey BadgersElayne Barclay1/1/2019
Honey BadgersSarah Ferguson1/1/2019
Honey BadgersMike Cobbley1/1/2019
Honey BadgersMari Smultea1/1/2019
Honey BadgersStace Moss1/1/2019
Honey BadgersJessica Cobbley1/1/2019

Team NameTeam MemberStart DateEnd Date
Charlie's UnicornsKathleen Ferguson (Captain)2/7/2019
Charlie's UnicornsKim Black2/7/2019
Charlie's UnicornsTiffany Buob2/7/2019
Charlie's UnicornsSiri Olson2/7/2019
Charlie's UnicornsSandra Cheek2/7/2019
Charlie's UnicornsJulie Barnfather2/7/2019
Charlie's UnicornsRose Corey2/7/2019
Charlie's UnicornsSusan McLain2/7/2019
Charlie's UnicornsKelsey Corey2/7/2019