General Info

January 17-19, 2020
Portland Oregon
Airport Embassy Suites in Portland - booking details coming soon

Here's the details and form for the Used Tack Sale

Our awesome VP, Layne Lewis, is working to make 2020’s convention a great experience for you! 

Don't forget about the fabulous PNER raffle! Contact Jo Weinstein and/or Kitty Ratcliffe with your donations and get ready to buy those tickets!

Details below are from 2019! 2020 information will be coming soon.

In addition to our regular meetings, trade show, raffle and used tack sale that are held during this time, our focus for the entire convention is to enable us all to learn something, and in that spirit we are working on providing the following speakers and workshops:

  • Several Veterinarians to discuss equine health
  • Foot care
  • Conditioning basics (DIFFERENT from training!!)
  • During an event
     - Taking care of the Horse
     - Taking care of the Rider
  • Gear Selection
  • Horse Selection
  • Sanctioning Organizations Topics
     - AERC
     - EC
     - EDRA
  • Trails!

Layne wants to ensure that EVERY member of PNER has a topic of interest, so we are initiating a series she calls “Stepping it up!”, which will encourage every level from those with zero miles to those wanting to set the trail on fire.  Something like the following:

  • “Stepping it up”
     - Green Beans – from zero to go!
     - Green Bean graduates
     - On to the longer distance
     - From riding to racing
     - Riding FEI
     - Becoming a ride manager

If you have anything in particular that you would like covered, feel free to email Layne directly!