Horse Awards

Champion Overall Best Condition Horse

The horse with the highest accumulated Best Condition (BC) points ridden by any number of PNER members of any age is honored. BC points are accumulated when there are at least two starters and a BC horse is recognized at the event. The recognized BC horse receives one BC point per mile, prorated by the number starters when there are fewer than 10. (Includes endurance and/or limited distance events.)
ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION: The minimum completion requirement does not apply.


PlaceHorseIDHorseBCPointsNumber BCs
110951TK Tiki170.03
211399Che Ole145.03
310994EZ To B Perfect124.53
49669HCC Elessar105.02
58914Beauty's Harley100.01
811002Xtreme Surprise60.01
911246WMA Proclaim55.01
119727JAC Winterhawk55.01
1216021JV Trinidad50.01
1314918Layla's Knightly Getaway50.01
149074AH Bantiki50.01
1511428Top Hat Frost50.02
1610468TCF Miles High50.01
179792Oh Susannah50.01
1811490OMR Prophet50.01
1910990Ramsey BD+50.01
2010050DE Khapprio KF45.01
2110745SAR FS Valient Heart37.51
2213917Northern Elegance35.01
2415993Designed On A Dime30.01
2510520APP Taylor La Esplendida Mirada30.01
269273ADF Out Of Ink30.01
2712871RWR Horus30.01
296759Sea Squirt25.01
3010713SS Adios25.01
3111298Detailed Legacy25.01
3210744SAR Dragon Rider22.51

Champion Junior Best Condition Horse

The horse with the highest accumulated Best Condition (BC) points ridden by any number of Junior PNER members is honored.  Junior BC points are accumulated when there are at least two Junior starters, a Junior BC horse is recognized at the event, and the horse receives the highest veterinarian score in the Junior BC judging.  All Juniors completing the event are eligible to show their horse for Junior BC judging when offered by the ride manager.  The horse receives one Junior BC point per mile, prorated by the number of Junior starters when there are fewer than three.  (Includes endurance and/or limited distance events.)

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION:  The minimum completion requirement does not apply.  Please note that ride managers are not required to recognize or conduct Junior BC horse judging at their events.  Therefore, the ride manager must have conducted Junior BC horse judging at his/her ride event and the name of the Junior horse with the highest BC veterinarian score must be provided to the PNER Points Secretary by the ride manager.


PlaceHorseIDHorseBCPointsNumber BCs
112872AH Priority Male33.32

100-Mile Horse Lifetime Achievement
Horses consistently competing in one-day 100-mile events are remarkable. This is a milestone award and is based on the quantity of one-day 100-mile completions in the PNER region over the lifetime of the horse.
Milestones are acknowledged at 300, 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 miles. Beyond 2000 miles, recognition is conveyed in 1000-mile increments.
ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION: The minimum completion requirement does not apply.

Drinkers of the Wind (sponsored by Ron Sproat & Carol Giles) Enrollment required by December 1
This award honors horses that embody the meaning of endurance. The award celebrates equines with long endurance careers who continue, mile-after-mile, to consistently complete endurance distance events.
ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION: A minimum 5000 accumulated lifetie endurance miles must be recorded for the horse to be eligible. The horse must successfully complete at least one endurance event during the current ride season and endurance events outside the PNER region are included in determining eligibility. The horse must by owned by a PNER member.
An enrollment submittal must be sent to the Awards Coordinator at by December 1 to verify eligibility requirements have been met. A list of nominees and any submitted materials will be forwarded to the award sponsor. The minimum completion requirement does not apply.

Veteran Horse (sponsored by Lois Fox)
For the horse with outstanding performance in endurance oer the years with any number of riders of any age. To be considered, the horse must have a minimum of 2500 career endurance miles and have competed in longer distance rides for at least three years. Historical miles may have been accumulated outside the Pacific Northwest Region. Emphasis will be placed on high mileage and consisent performance on 75-100 mile distances. This award is determined by the award sponsor.
ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION: The minimum completion requirement does not apply.

Top 3 High Mileage Horses
Horses with the highest total accumulated miles (endurance and/or limited distance) are recognized. The horse may be ridden by any number of PNER members of any age.
ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION: The minimum completion requirement applies


PlaceHorseHorseIdTotalMilesMinimum Eligibility Met
1Second Chance Fance14942725Yes
2Che Ole11399690Yes
3HCC Elessar9669555Yes
4Ramsey BD+10990525Yes
5Sundance (Sonny)8326485No
6WMA Proclaim11246460Yes
8BPR Jasmine Blu11735415Yes
10Beauty's Harley8914410Yes
11EZ To B Perfect10994385Yes
12Top Hat Frost11428380Yes
15SA Alamo12784330Yes
17DWA Saruq8863310Yes
18SAR FS Valient Heart10745305Yes
19VG Patriotic Dream11425300Yes
20OMR Prophet11490300Yes
21The Traveling Man (Traveler)11652285Yes
22HYR Magic Prince10405280Yes
23KSFA El Jakar6693280Yes
24AC Omatay11155280No
25TCF Miles High10468275Yes
26Fire Mt Malabar7712265Yes
27Aliento de Vida7786255Yes
28ADF Out Of Ink9273255Yes
29Doublemint Rio Gambler10717255Yes
30RJO Redhotchilipepper10352250Yes
31SAR Street Walker10820250Yes
32M Dash Edna10165250Yes
35Dash O Splash9012230Yes
36Belesema Anna9816230Yes
37BRR Sierra Mist11323230Yes
39Noslos Ineedaname11278225Yes
40HHR Flashy Rebel10859225Yes
41Dreamweaver Csavannah11238225Yes
42Deals Vane Boy9599215No
44JAC Winterhawk9727210Yes
45Mt Mists Topaz Moon12861210Yes
47Z Blue Lightening9001205Yes
49SAR Dragon Rider10744200Yes
50Soverign Will11485200No
51Swite Sir Prize9424200No
52APP Taylor La Esplendida Mirada10520185No
54The Big Brass10705180Yes
56Karim SCF11140180No
57Wheatland Fire at Will11255180No
58Detailed Legacy11298180No
59TheDark Night SC11458180No
61CR Marjan Roars8547175Yes
62Double Aught Buck10325175No
63Malavasia PFF11396175Yes
64AH Priority Male12872160Yes
65Glorified Command11773155Yes
66SS Adios10713155Yes
67Faheed Eskont Shaat10948155No
69TER Ramone9650150No
70Iced Mocha7745150Yes
71Dukes of Azares11446150No
72HB Aur Squirt9017150Yes
73Dalai Lama9700150Yes
75RWR Horus12871140No
76Dr Finnigan10666130No
77Haven's Haute Diggity11196125No
78Shedaisey of Silver Oaks (aka Daisy)12874125No
79MSP Josadda8946125Yes
80Layla's Knightly Getaway14918125Yes
81JV Trinidad16021125Yes
83ELA Rosalee7759110No
84DWA Nadra10844105Yes
85Khalid Sanaa12789105Yes
86Payback Daysea Duke11706105Yes
87SAR Wileycoyotesmokes11718105Yes
88El Jireh Tsarabu11296100Yes
89Royale Warsaw SE11379100Yes
90WB Leyla11388100Yes
91Mass Mircale10834100Yes
92Shams Aaliya10885100Yes
93MMR Tuff Ballatorie9115100No
94AG Aristides8936100No
96Naskeet SF15964100No
100NEH Bonnie Lassie839180No
102MS Winter Hawk1120575No
104Sea Squirt675975No
105Ring Affire1147475No
107Doublemint Black Scamp1071675Yes
108Mbono Bey1285760Yes
109Addis Suzannah1493555Yes
110Fancy Grace (Ama'le)1289555Yes
111Another Mans Treasure1287355No
115MMR Capt Kidd1287550No
116Echcentric DPA "Willie"820950Yes
117Beaus Razzle Dazzle1493950No
119Noble Desperado850750No
121Royal Immage1090850No
122Belesemo Geronimo1049350No
124RC VinnDiesel1162050Yes
125Vino Rojo1143450Yes
126Kiger Caliente1011050Yes
127Logan's Fortune1108030Yes
128Designed On A Dime1599330No
129Mr Calypse Otoe1600225No
133Tezero's Warpony709625Yes
134My Dance1049825No
135Avenger-N-Sync (Rio)1097025No
136Major Edge1093025No
138TBM Key of C909125No
139Wilde Ivey LaRue999925No
140Merlots Kwest961925No
141SAR Im Stormin Norman1114325Yes
143Rockin Kitty1601825Yes

Gaited Horse (sponsored by the Guice Family) Enrollment required by August 1

The gaited horse with the highest accmulaed miles (endurance and/or limited distance) is recognized. The horse ay be ridden by ay number of PNER members of any age.
ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION: Horses must be registered with a recognized gaited horse breed association. An enrollment form with a cop of the horse's registration papers must be submitted to the Awards Coordinator at no later than August 1 to verify eligibility requirements have been met. The minimum completion requirement applies.

Enrolled as of 8/1/2018

AHA Region IV High Point Disance Champion & Achievement (sponsored by Carlene Benson) AHA enrollment/competion card required
This award recognizes purebred and half-Arabian horses registered wih the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) who complete endurance and limited distance events and accumulate 200 or more miles in a season on rides with Region IV - the state of Oregon and southern Idaho.
ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION: Riders must be PNER and AHA members holding an AHA competition card for the current ride season. Riders are not required to live in Region IV, but only rides on Region IV count toward his award.


HorseTotal PointsEndurance PointsLD PointsAHA OrgEligible
HCC Elessar480.0480.00.0ArabYes
Beauty's Harley410.0410.00.0ArabYes
Ramsey BD+375.0325.050.0ArabYes
HYR Magic Prince255.0230.025.0ArabYes
Z Blue Lightening205.0205.00.0ArabYes
Swite Sir Prize150.0150.00.0ArabNo
HR Knightro130.0100.030.0ArabNo
Dreamweaver Csavannah125.0100.025.0ArabNo
TCF Miles High125.0125.00.0ArabNo
AG Aristides100.0100.00.0ArabNo
Royal Immage50.050.00.0ArabNo
Xtreme Surprise50.050.00.0ArabNo
Kontessa Royale T25.00.025.0ArabNo
TD Sahra Onyx0.00.00.0ArabNo

HorseTotal PointsEndurance PointsLD PointsAHA OrgEligible
Top Hat Frost355.0150.0205.01/2 ArabYes
SA Alamo330.0150.0180.01/2 ArabYes
Mt Mists Topaz Moon210.0150.060.01/2 ArabYes
Belesema Star Ebony180.050.0130.01/2 ArabNo